Artists of Gambier Island

Neil Paterson

Music has always been his passion. As a kid growing up in Ottawa,

he started collecting recordings and over fifty years later has amassed a vast library of vinyl records and CDs. Everything from classical to heavy metal.

It was inevitable he would become a musician.


He also spent a great deal of time in ice arena’s honing his skills as a figure skater and it wasn’t until later in life that music would become his primary focus.  


When the family moved to Vancouver for his high school years,

he continued his training as a skater. He was fortunate to travel the world and compete in men’s singles and had many accomplishments on the ice including a National Junior title, several international event placings, four World Championships and culminating with the Olympic Games in Calgary in 1988.


Through this period of time he also bugged his parents for a drum set and proceeded to drive the family and neighbours nuts pounding away in the basement of their North Vancouver home.

He played with a number of garage bands before picking up his younger brothers guitar. At that time no-one else wanted to sing so he stepped to the front of the stage and never looked back... except to cue the new drummer.


When his ice skating career was completed he continued his education and musical interests.  


He attended Capilano College and attained a busiess administration certificate, in order to get “a real job”, but also studied music production and songwriting. He continued his need for performing, this time off the ice, with many rock bands and having played a lot of pubs, clubs, schools, conventions and sporting events around the lower mainland and the interior, he has come to reside on Gambier Island.


Drawing from country and folk music, and of course classic rock ‘n’ roll, he now chooses to perform as a soloist; writing and singing songs that most inspire him, and always from the heart.



Neil Paterson

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