Artists of Gambier Island

Weekend Menu

Salads/ Small Plates


Roasted Beets, Greens & Goat Cheese, Pecan

Kale & Romaine Caesar, shaved Parmesan & Capers

Roasted Veggie Fries & Garlic Aoli




Green Pea

Hearty Lentil

Roasted Butternut Squash

Old Style Chicken Noodle Soup




Gourmet grilled Cheese & Side Caesar

Schwartz' Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye & Pickle




Chicken Curry with Yams, Kale & Mango Yoghurt Sauce on Couscous

Winter Squash & Cashew Lasagna






Coffee & Tea

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Assorted Sodas


Alcoholic Beverages


Wine/ Beer

Bubbles & Cocktails

Speciality Coffee & Hot Chocolate




Moroccan Plum SkilletPie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Baked Apples filled with Nuts & Nibs

German Cheesecake