Artists of Gambier Island

4th Annual Childrens Art Contest

In celebration of the annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl,

Art meets Chocolate invites young and upcoming Artists (age 3 to 16) to participate and submit their Fall/ Winter/ Holiday themed paintings.


The three finalists receive their very own private Edition

Art Chocolate Bars, featuring their winning Art piece and Biography!


Submissions are accepted during the weekend of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, October 23-25/2020 via email or in person at the Gambier Island Community Center.


Submissions must include:

* High Res Image (min 1MB size)

* Artists Age, Bio, adress & contact information

* Desired choice of Chocolate flavour


Submission deadline: Sunday, October 25/2020 at 5pm


Art_Meets_Chocoloate_logoK - Copy



The Winners of the Children’s Art Contest

during the 2017 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl are (left to right):


Lauren-Grace Robinson (5 years young)

D’Arcy Donovan (8 years young)

Erin Payne (11 years young)

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